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Upcoming Shows

Fri Feb 25- Tonic Lounge, Portland

bruhn album news: Pull From This End

bruhn's CD Pull From This End released in 2009 is available on Bandcamp, CD Baby and iTunes. bruhn is currently working on their new album at Sound Ghost Studios.

past bruhn shows (we'll add more when we find them/remember)

Oct 8th, 2010- with burnside, david hannon, she's not dead - hawthorne theatre
May 21st, 2010?- with little czar and the psalmist - slim's
Mar 28th, 2010- with helping hands, candysound, alex arrowsmith and his pugs - ash street saloon
Dec 9th, 2009- with xuosoux, scarlet room, the beautiful is dead - hawthorne theatre
Nov 18th, 2009- with quality fridge buzz, thread spinner, imaginary airship - ash street saloon
Oct 1st, 2009- with corvida, bones, el swampo - hawthorne theatre
Sep 22nd, 2009- with junk satellite, stories for money - ash street saloon
Aug 7th, 2009- with station zero, brains like computers - twilight cafe
May 9th, 2009- with fatecage and keel over - twilight cafe
Apr 28th, 2009- with sound the shout, the talking dollhouse - ash street saloon
Mar 20th, 2009- with gladiators eat fire, pass margo, keel over - red room
Nov 29th, 2008- with purple heart, i disagree, jade heights - red room
Sep 5th, 2008 with presh, flickering starlight - red room

year unknown:
Jan 3rd, 20-- with imaginary airship, gas lanyard - tonic lounge
Jan 23rd, 20-- with station zero, milk bomb - tonic lounge
Feb 1st, 20-- with ref the fox, gun speak - the high dive
Feb 21st, 20-- with john fro and chad bakke - triangle inn, salem
May 21st, 2010?- with the cutthroats?, little czar and the psalmist - slim's
Jun 26th, 20-- with windy city gentlemen, rocktopus - tonic lounge